Phase 1
Budgetary Estimates Preparatory Services
  • Freight ton / Volume estimates
  • Freight cost / Budget estimates
  • Obtaining proposals from selected transportation providers based on project specific IMCO or other shipping terms
  • Analysis and comparison of proposals from various service providers
  • Selection of transportation service providers
  • Route recommendations, port/ terminal selection for staging and shipping
  • Recommendations for packing, marking, labeling and consolidation
  • Assistance in freight negotiations with forwarders, ocean carriers, charter agents, inland truck/ rail /barge operators, rigging / packaging firms and terminal operators
Phase 2
Shipping phase
  • Supervision at jobsite, coordination of interaction between trucker/ freight forwarder/ project owner and receiving terminal
  • Inspection of cargo at receiving terminal for contamination, damages, correct packaging and labeling and correct piece count
  • Supervision of cargo / ship loading activities at departure terminal (global)
  • Supervision of cargo / ship discharge activities at receiving terminal (global)
  • Coordination and supervision of activities between freight forwarder/ trucker and customs officials overseas as well as final offloading supervision at the destination site
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